What to choose between a wooden or concrete patio ?

What-do-you-know.comUseful tipsWhat to choose between a wooden or concrete patio ?

When embarking on the construction of your patio, you hesitate to decide on the appropriate material. Are you hesitating between concrete and wood? Do you want to know what is the cheapest? Do you want to know the easiest maintenance and most durable material? Find answers to these questions and more here!

A concrete patio is less expensive than a wooden patio

In terms of cost, it is more advantageous to opt for a concrete patio than a wooden patio. Indeed, the price per square meter in the first case is between 5 and 15 dollars while it goes up to 30 dollars in the second case. This is of course because building materials for a concrete patio are less expensive, but not only that. Unlike wood, they are installed flush with the ground. It, therefore, requires fewer materials and labor for the construction of stairs, joists or balustrades.

However, the profit generated by a wooden patio is much better than that of a concrete patio, in the order of 75%. If you want to resell your home in the future, then you may prefer wood to concrete to increase its value.

Installing a concrete patio does not always require obtaining a permit

In most regions, it is mandatory to obtain an upstream permit for the construction of a wooden patio. This will only lengthen the waiting time for the work to start. However, installing a concrete patio does not always require a permit. Obviously, you will need to contact your local administration to make sure.

A concrete patio, even if its establishment does not require a permit, nevertheless requires significant preparatory work. This could increase the time it takes to set it up.

Concrete patios guarantee more privacy

If you want to preserve your privacy, choose a concrete patio. The reason is simply that such a device is erected as close to the ground as possible.

As for the wooden patios, they are higher and offer a better view, but at the same time require the installation of balustrades because of their altitude.

A concrete patio is easier to maintain

A patio made of wood requires much more maintenance than a concrete patio. In fact, wood requires constant cleaning, not to mention painting and sealing, which must be done every year.

A concrete patio does not require any special maintenance, even if the soil that shelters it must be treated to prevent it from cracking in cold weather.

A concrete patio lasts longer than a wooden patio

The life of a concrete patio outweighs that of a wooden patio. Indeed, the first can last on average 25 to 30 years while the life expectancy of the second rarely reaches 20 years.

At the same time, it is important to note that the maintenance of your patio strongly contributes to its durability, whatever material you choose for its installation.