What is the best student home insurance ?

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Moving into a new home in France requires the subscription of a new insurance plan for your place. There is a wide variety of insurance options and items that will affect the price of your insurance, but the good thing is, as a student, the process has been made easier.

How to choose the best student home insurance ?

In order to choose the plan that best fits you as a student, it is good to have an overview of what insurance companies can offer.

Why subscribe a home insurance ?

A home insurance is mandatory by the law, so it would be illegal to skip that process. But it is mandatory for a good reason. The main goal is to cover the damage, at the very least, that you could cause to someone else, or someone else’s belongings. In case of an apartment or a house that you would rent, it can cover the damage that you would cause to the structure of the house, such as roof, floor or ceiling. If the place is rented with furniture, it will also cover damage done to the furniture. It will not only cover the damage to other people, but also yourself.

What are the different student home insurance options ?

You can choose to insure different items in your accommodation, however they usually come as packages, that includes a variety of items, and including more items can be done either by choosing a more expensive package, that will include more items, or, sometimes, you can cherry-pick your own options, with an additional charge.

The best first price packages usually include the coverage of your belongings up to a certain amount (between €3000 and €4000), in case of fire, water damage or climatic events. They can include electrical damage, and emergency repair with electricity or glaziery. They will also usually include a legal protection, in case you have to go to court, which will cover an amount for lawyer fees.

Second price packages will have one or more additional options, such as the civil liability. This option does not necessarily apply to your home, but rather is a guarantee that extends to your private life in general. You would be covered for damage, material or immaterial, that you could cause to a third party.

Then for the most expensive packages, the best ones will include a coverage in case of burglary, glass breakage or vandalism.

What is the price range of the best student home insurances ?

Student home insurance policies benefit from reduced prices that reflect, on one hand, the desire of insurance companies to provide affordable prices to students, and on the other hand, a limited guarantee more suitable to students.

The best student home insurances prices will vary from €20/year for a first price policy, around €27/year for mid-range policies, to €47/year for the most comprehensive packages.

These prices are fairly affordable, compared to regular home insurances, that is why you want to make sure to choose a student specific policy.

Fortunately, a student home insurance is not only cheap, but really easy to subscribe online with some companies.