How long is a wedding ?

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Do you believe in the idea that marriage is a union for life? This remains an ideal because many couples separate some time after their union. So, one wonders how long does a marriage last ? Read on to find out more about it.

15 years, the average length of a marriage

Usually, spouses spend fifteen years in marriage. This estimate was put forward by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee). Thus, beyond the age of 15, most couples no longer resist the idea of ​​separating.

This trend has also been confirmed by the Ministry of Justice in France. Several phenomena are often mentioned when it comes to the causes of this average duration of a marriage. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the drop in the number of marriages that justifies this length.

The growing financial difficulties are the main cause of this phenomenon. Indeed, experts explain that it is for fear of leaving themselves ruined that spouses postpone the deadline for separation as far as possible.

For example, INSEE data shows that women lose between 19 and 26.5% of their financial resources when a divorce is pronounced too early. For men, they lose around 2.5% of their income. In addition, psychologists believe that the independence of children after 15 years of marriage can promote divorce.

From 5 to 7 years, the couple’s grace period

The chance of married couples continuing to have perfect love after 5-7 years together is very low. According to the results of several studies carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, the period of stability in a new couple is three years. From the fourth year of married life, certain difficulties arise. Very few couples manage to overcome these difficulties to the point of passing the 5 to 7-year marriage mark.

The causes of a divorce after 5 to 7 years of marriage can be of several kinds. Experts cite, among other things, the estrangement of the two spouses, which can be explained by arguments, frustrations, humiliations, and lack of attention. Financial problems that slowly plague the couple can also lead to a separation. This is also the case with a couple’s sex life, which can lose pace over time.

18 years in Rome compared to around 5 years in Doha

In Europe, the city of Rome has the highest average in terms of the length of marriages. According to official figures, the average cohabitation in marriage in this metropolitan area is 18 years. Indeed, the separation rate after marriage is around 30%.

Compared to the 45% divorce rate in Paris, it is obvious that in Rome spouses remain united as long as possible. The city of Doha in Qatar is the one with the shortest duration in the marriage bond, it is 5.5 years there. In this attractive city, 60% of couples separate before celebrating the fifth anniversary of their union.