How much does a swimming pool with hardscape cost to install ?

What-do-you-know.comUseful tipsHow much does a swimming pool with hardscape cost to install ?

The inground pool facilities are rated as durable and luxurious. Hardscape pools are built with concrete materials. They are also in a shell or in kit. Different criteria must be taken into account before evaluating the price of this type of construction. Here are our tips for making a better budget for building your pool with hardscape!

What you will necessarily need

The inground pool is of the superior range. It costs between 15,000 and 50,000 €. The minimum amount to own it must be 20,000 €. This extraordinary price depends on several elements including the material, the site, the coating. There are also the accessories, the water heater, the dimensions, and the cover.

The construction site

With professionals, the site will cost you between 1,500 and 2,000 €. The latter takes into account the earthworks, the pouring of the concrete slab and the leveling of the land.

Building materials

The material to be used can be concrete, modular panel or polyester shell. Concrete is the most expensive, but also the most secure. The polyester shell is easy to install, but the modular panels are intended for low cost pools.

Swimming pool coverings and accessories

The price of the coating depends on the quality of the coating and the beauty you want to give your device. You have the choice between mosaic tiles, paint or plaster. The coating can also be made of liner or tiles. Also, the mandatory equipment for a swimming pool is the security system. For more comfort, the owner can install stairs, jets and nozzles.

The heating, the cover and the dimensions of the swimming pool

The heating consumption price for the swimming pool must be included in the annual budget. Heaters are cheaper to buy, but consume a lot as soon as they are turned on.

Coverage is optional and cheaper. If you decide to put a shelter, it is necessary to envisage between 10,000 to 15,000 € of additional expenses.

Also, a custom-sized pool is a bit expensive. For a budget of 30,000 €, you can treat yourself to a glass pool or a natural or infinity pool.

The price of a swimming pool with a hardscape

Depending on the material used, the price of the pool may vary. If you decide to have an inground polyester shell pool, you should budget for € 15,000.

Concrete pools are more expensive and will cost you up to € 25,000. In reality, the in-ground pool of poured concrete costs 20,000 €. Those built with shotcrete cost € 25,000, while with € 15,000 you already have a masonry pool with concrete blocks.

With 10,000 €, you can afford an inground pool kit. The material used can be modular concrete panels, aluminum or polystyrene shuttering blocks.

You should allow a 10% margin on your budget for the development of the surroundings of your swimming pool. You can also set up a relaxation area or do some planting.

The price of a swimming pool with hardscape requires a minimum of 10,000 € at no additional cost. The higher the price, the more luxurious and personalized the pool will be.