How to succeed in your interview for a pharmaceuticals jobs in Sheffield ?

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Did you manage to land an interview for a possible Sheffield Pharmaceuticals job? Congratulations! Now you need to prepare for your interview. Yes, working in this company is a good career opportunity and many other people are interested in this position. So you need to be the best candidate and show the recruiters the best of you.  Check out 5 tips to ace your next job interview at this world-class company.

Do your homework

In order to get to your meeting place with peace of mind, you must first do some research on the company that is recruiting you. To do this, visit the Sheffield Pharmaceuticals website to find out about their main areas of work, learn about their main department heads, their turnover, etc. This research will help you to be more responsive during the interview and show your motivation for the position. Also, you will know if you have the necessary skills to work in this company.

prepare yourself in advance for a sheffield pharmaceuticals jobs interview

With the high number of people who would kill to work at Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, you need to wow the recruiters at your interview and that means preparing well in advance. That’s right, take some time with someone close to you for a mock interview. During this exercise, you can address the different questions you might be asked, such as :

  • Why you rather than another candidate?
  • What are your experiences and professional background?
  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • What do you know about the organization?
  • What are your skills?
  • What are your qualities and weaknesses?

You can also practice your presentation pitch, your way of speaking and your way of showing off your skills. A mock interview will help you to correct some of your shortcomings and above all to gain confidence in yourself.

Make a good impression

Did you know that you can make a good impression on a recruiter before you even walk through the door? Be on time for the interview! This will show your motivation for the job and your professionalism.

In terms of clothing, wear dark colors like black or dark blue. For ladies, keep your hair out of your face and do not wear too much jewelry. And if you are a man, shave or have your hair neatly combed.

At the beginning of the interview, it is your non-verbal communication that the recruiter analyzes: facial expressions, postures, gestures, intonations, etc. So, stay calm and control your attitude.


Show the panel why you are the best candidate

During the interview, you must give your future employer enough reasons to hire you. The recruiter needs to be able to see how much you will contribute to the profitability of Sheffield Pharmaceuticals. So sell yourself! You should highlight your skills that are relevant to the position: scientific skills in the chemical and pharmaceutical field, excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills, good analytical skills, etc. Also talk about your best professional experiences without forgetting your soft skills.

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Ask questions

It is always better to have questions to ask the recruiter, as this shows your interest in the position. You can ask questions about the company culture, the content of the position, the proposed missions, etc. For example, ask: “If I got the job, what would a typical day at the company be like? Above all, avoid questions about the salary or vacations offered by the company.

Throughout the interview, remember to stay positive. A negative attitude can cost you the job. Also pay attention to your non-verbal language, as it also conveys a lot of information to the recruiter. Once the interview is over, leave a thank you note for your interviewers before you leave.