Why is the quran only written in arabic ?

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What all revealed religions have in common is that they all have a holy book that defines their precepts. Since the holy book of Islam is Al Qur’an (the Quran), all Muslims are concerned with its message. However, he only descended into a single language, which is Arabic. This is why it is recurrent to come across the following question: why is the Koran written only in Arabic?

The choice of Arabic for reasons of equity

The main reason for choosing Arabic as the language of the revelation of the Qur’an is explicitly given by ALLAH, The High Line, when He Said in sura 14 in verse 4 ‘”And We only sent a Messenger ‘with the language of his people, in order to enlighten them… “. Indeed, the people on whom the message descended was an Arab people. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born and raised among them. It was clear that the choice of another language was going to cause controversy.

Besides, why God who assigned the name Al ‘Adl (The Righteous) would have sent down the first revelations under the language of the people to whom He Revealed it and not do the same for Islam? It is in this sense that ALLAH Said in sura 41 in verse 44. “If We had made it into a Quran in a language other than Arabic, they would have said:” Why were not its verses clearly exposed? What? A non-Arab [Quran] and an Arab [Messenger]? “…” God thus sent down the Qur’an under the same conditions as the Bible and the Torah.

The choice of Arabic to facilitate the accessibility of the Qur’an

Another reason that ALLAH specifies in the Quran for choosing Arabic is the ease of meditation. In sura 54 in verse 17 ALLAH Said: “Indeed, We have made the Quran easy for meditation… ‘. At the same time, He Said in sura 26 in verses 193,194 and 195″ and the faithful Spirit descended with it on your heart, so that you may be among the warners, in a very clear Arabic language. ”

Arabic is a language that has only 4 vowels: a, or, i, and e. Since all languages ​​other than Arabic have these vowels, anyone from another country can easily recite the Qur’an, even though Arabic is not their mother tongue. This is proven by the fact that 6-year-olds memorize and recite the Quran every day across the world, regardless of their background.

Scientific aspects of the protection of the Qur’an under the Arabic language

The Quran obeys an impressive numerical system. Arabic letters have their numeric values. With the number 19 system, ALLAH Arranged the Qur’an so that any attempt to change a verse of the Qur’an was automatically detected. All its verses, letters, and words are placed so that adding or moving a single character is verifiable with the arithmetic laws of Arabic letters and numbers.

So we can say that the choice of Arabic as the language of the Holy Qur’an emanates on all levels, from Divine Wisdom.