What makes a good personalized baptism gift ?

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Baptism is the occasion to celebrate the birth of a child, to give thanks to God for the gift of a child. When you are invited to take part in this event, you are looking for the perfect and authentic gift to give to stay in the theme. You then think of a personalized gift, but you are a little confused about the type of gift to give. Here are some ideas on offer to help you give the best-personalized gift.

Personalized baptism jewelry

Jewelry is a must-have accessory that everyone appreciates and can last for centuries. A gift that can be passed down over several generations. Baptismal jewelry is usually a set of chains and medals or a curb chain in gold or silver. You can enter the child’s first name, date of baptism, etc. In a religious setting, you can engrave a picture or the name of an important religious figure on the object.

Traditionally, jewelry is offered by the godfather and godmother. However, this does not prevent a guest from indulging in such a tradition.

Personalized silverware

Silverware is a set of pretty little objects in silver, silver plated or pewter. With this traditional gift, you have the option of engraving the child’s name or initials on the silverware of your choice (a timpani or a covered cup, the napkin ring, the egg cup and its spoon).

A special personalized box

You have the choice between several boxes. A music box, a jewelry box or a milk tooth box are all possibilities available to you. You also have with these boxes the possibility of personalizing them in order to bring your brand and differentiate it from common boxes. Contact the personalization structures and add your imprints to the chosen box.

Personalized clothing

You might not think about it, but personalized clothing could also do the trick. Linen embroidered with the child’s first name, a beautiful blanket, a layette, a bib, or a sleeping bag always with your prints are objects that could also please the lucky of the day.

A personalized blanket box

It is a wooden box similar to a treasure chest. This box will contain the baby’s little treasure: his blanket. With this choice, blanket and box are personalized. The carefully laser-personalized box will allow you to add a motif, phrase, or word of your choice. As for the blanket, it is most often personalized using embroidery or tissue paper.

Double personalized photo frame

Opt for a sublime baptism or birth photo frame of your choice. A frame made up of two sections: one section with a pretty photo of the child and another to write the text of your choice (a text of affection, a religious message, the child’s first name, etc.).

A personalized decorative plate

Here is a nice little inexpensive present that will appeal to parents. Contact the relevant services and have a pretty decorative aluminum plaque made with the child’s first name or first letter in large print. You will have the choice between several decors.

These are all good gifts that you can personalize for unforgettable memories in the lives of children who will experience the joy of baptism. So make your choice to leave good memories for the baptized.