What are paperless accounting software ?

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The dematerialization of accounting within companies is one of the important points of digitalization. It is ensured by increasingly efficient accounting software. Saving time, transparency and performance are all benefits of accounting software. What is the best software to carry out the accounting dematerialization of your company?

Sage accounting dematerialization software

With a variety of subscription offerings geared to business needs, Sage accounting software is one of the best on the market. Able to sync with the company’s Google Drive account, Sage software is accessible online and on mobile. It takes into account several currencies and is part of the Microsoft 365 package. Very popular with SMEs, this very intuitive accounting dematerialization software allows you to:

  • produce invoices and manage cash flow in a completely dematerialized way thanks to its Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Invoicing version;
  • track the expenses and revenues of the business;
  • automate VAT and have a more holistic view of the business;
  • establish cash flow forecasts, manage quotes, invoices, payments, in a completely dematerialized manner.

So many functions that will be useful for your business.

SAP accounting dematerialization software

Equipped with an accounting duo module that includes SAP Financial and SAP Costing, this accounting software encompasses all accounting entries for purchases and sales. Operating automatically, entry of these entries is transferred to general accounting through the customer or supplier accounting module. SAP software also offers a complete ERP that allows it to be adapted to each activity.

In addition to the very advanced dematerialization offered by SAP software, its use allows you to improve the coordination of the different sections of the company and to save time. Indeed, the various departments of your company will not have to re-record the accounting information already recorded by the employee of a given department. This software helps reduce the risk of inconsistencies and redundancies in accounting information. Finally, you can use it to customize the different modules.

EBP accounting dematerialization software

Offering a fully digitalized management solution, EBP accounting management software supports the management of your entire business. From the management of accounting to taxation, including the management of your activity, it takes care of everything. Thanks to these different modules, it offers solutions such as:

  • the personalization of all types of profiles;
  • remote VAT declaration;
  • anticipation of tax audits, etc.

Quadratus accounting dematerialization software

With its hosting offer for all your accounting data, Quadratus accounting dematerialization software is an all-in-one tool. Designed for businesses and associations, it comes in four modules that allow you to manage the company’s customers and suppliers jointly, customize your chart of accounts and training sessions and dematerialize your supporting documents.

It also makes it possible to carry out analytical management, management of your fixed assets and that of your company’s credits and leases, to produce annual accounting files and to produce skills assessments. With this software, you also benefit from an accounting support service.