How to deal with a lost cat that comes home ?

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After losing your cat, you have done everything possible to find it. You used several lost pet listing, place lost cat posters online and offline, and visited every animal control centers you know. Finally, the cat returns home to your wildest celebration. Knowing what to do when your lost cat returns home is very important for the cat health and yours.

Why do cats get lost?

Many cats that go missing are usually those that are allowed to roam outside. However, here are some reasons why cats get missing:

  • When it gets a better environment than your home

While this may be hard to believe for some people, however, pets like cats find some locations preferable to others. That is why it is important to make your cat comfortable as possible. Clean its space and make the environment as conducive as possible.

  • Strays when playing with other pets

Many times, cats chase other pets around and go to places it isn’t familiar with. This usually happens when it gets distracted and when they aren’t monitored properly.

  • When the owner moves to a new place

When you change house, usually it takes cats some time to get used to the new location. This makes some cats who are free to wander move back to your former house. In doing this, the cat may find it difficult to get back to your new house.

  • Intentional Removal

Some cats are stolen or removed by people who have access to your home. The reasons differ but include when an angry neighbor or landlord believes the cat is troubled and seeks to get rid of it.

Sometimes, cats get injured when wandering either by a moving car or other animals.

Tips to deal with a lost cat that comes home

To know what to do when your lost cat comes home, follow these tips:

Give him Food moderately

The joy of seeing your lost cat might make you decide to feed him heavily at first, however, this might be a bad decision. The meals given to the cat should be rich in the following:

  • Vitamins (Milk, cheese, spinach and Pumpkin);
  • Food rich in iron and fiber (Nuts and oatmeals);
  • Protein (Fish, meat and other poultry beefs).

The best thing is to feed it slowly in appropriate portions to avoid illness.

Take him to the Vet

Your found lost cat might look pretty healthy at a glance, but it is very important to get him to a veterinarian quickly. This is to ensure that he isn’t injured, infected or with any ailments. Getting the lost cat to the vet helps with any medical complications and puts your mind at ease.

Update your lost cat listing

Those who have created an online or offline listing should make sure they inform everyone that the cat has been found. Doing this will make sure that people searching for your lost cat will channel their efforts elsewhere.

Get your Cat a Chip

When visiting your Vet, it would be wise to put a microchip into your cat, to ensure it doesn’t get lost again. This technology effort is necessary to monitor the whereabouts of your cat anytime.

Knowing how to deal with a lost cat that comes home is important because it prevents future issues with the lost cat and puts your mind at ease.