How many calories does a bodybuilding workout burn ?

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In order not to store excess fat in the body, it is important to exercise. This allows our body to burn more calories. Indeed, the number of calories burned depends on the type of sport that one practices, as well as the exercises carried out. Regarding bodybuilding sessions, this article will tell you all about the number of calories they can burn.

Burn calories in bodybuilding: mechanism

Contrary to popular belief, weight training isn’t just for building muscle. It also allows our body to burn fat. This is done through a complex mechanism.

Indeed, when a person does weight training exercises, it increases the basal metabolism. This increase is due to the energy consumed by the muscle during exercises, but also at rest, to develop. So, the more the muscle grows, the more energy it consumes thus causing the loss of calories.

To be more explicit, doing weight training requires following a set of procedures. After a session of intense activity, it is imperative to rest for one or even two days before starting again.

This period of inactivity allows the body to be able to rebuild itself. This is due to the fact that during intense muscle activity, the muscle fibers suffer small tears. It is for this reason that it is important to allow their repairs through a rest. After that, the muscle will become stronger and more resistant compared to the one before.

However, knowing the number of calories burned during bodybuilding allows you to regulate your diet. Therefore, this will lead to the desired end (developed muscles or fat loss).

The number of calories lost during weight training

By providing efforts during a bodybuilding activity, you can burn 7 to 10 kcal per minute. But, the number of calories differs depending on the exercise. Among these we can cite:

  • Bicep curls: by doing 20 repetitions per minute, you burn 7.29 kcal per minute.
  • Push-ups: For the same number of repetitions as bicep curls, you will burn 8.56 kcal per minute.
  • Pull-ups: If you do an average of 10 pull-ups per minute, it will burn 9.95 kcal per minute.
  • Slits: 9.33 kcal / min with 20 slits per minute.

If you are able to do more reps than expected per minute, then you will burn more fat. However, using this data it is now possible to calculate the number of calories that it is possible to burn during a weight training session.

These data are valid on average for all people. But they can vary from one individual to the other thanks to the intervention of several factors. The climate (cool or heat), the technique or the equipment used, the personnel are among the parameters which can differentiate the number of calories burned between two people practicing the same exercise.

However, if these exercises prove it difficult to burn the number of calories you want, another option is possible. It is enough to improve the techniques in order to reduce the physical effort.