Is there any call accounting software free ?

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Moving a business forward is not easy. Among the things that make such management difficult is accounting. The majority of business leaders are looking for free calling accounting software for this. There are enough of them on the market, and you won’t have a hard time finding one that is right for your organization.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the best software of all time and the most used in the world. It is free and seems to fit the diverse needs of business leaders perfectly. Microsoft Excel software, with its very advanced and very efficient features, makes your life and bookkeeping easier. Accounts can be performed daily or annually, without any constraints.

Indeed, many are the companies which reflect on how to manage their accounts without committing errors which could lead them to repeat the calculations many times. Microsoft Excel has proven to be the best solution for these problems. Companies that already use this type of software have understood its effectiveness.

When you make use of it, you can create a balance sheet every day. You can also proceed with your VAT declarations without creating numerous Excel files. Thanks to Microsoft Excel, you have a way to automatically carry out calculations and this.


Dolibarr is software suitable for all forms of business, but especially for commercial businesses whether small, medium or large.

Dolibarr is a program developed in April 2002. Its latest version was released in March 2021 and offers many more features adequate to meet the needs of companies in accounting and marketing.

Indeed, Dolibarr allows finance and treasury departments to manage accounting operations professionally. They can also import data from other applications without difficulty. The insertion of images and precise monitoring of the status of activities carried out after entering information into the database are possible.

Also considered as an integrated management and customer relationship management software package, Dolibarr can be used by everyone, that is to say independent companies, self-employed companies and even by associations that keep accounts. Dolibarr, was designed for everyone and is available on all web platforms. It works with all available PHP configurations and has no additional PHP add-ons. However, Dolibarr has real competitors like Compiere, Tryton and OpenConcerto.

Apach OFBiz

Apach OFBiz is a management software released in December 2006 by the Apache Software Foundation. As for its latest version, it dates from April 2020. It remains fully downloadable for free, without any conditions or difficulties.

However, to use Apach OFBiz efficiently, it is better to hire a developer. The latter will be responsible for managing the installation, maintenance and integration of the software in your company. Also, it must be recognized that this software also has special features.