What are the best plugins to install a chatbot on wordpress ?

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There are several plugins to install on a chatbot WordPress website. The choice is sometimes difficult since this tool comes in different efficient versions. It helps analyze and improve the customer’s journey on your website and enhances customer relations. Among the different range of solutions available, here are the best that you can install on your chatbot WordPress!

The best free plugins to install on a chatbot WordPress

On the Internet, it is possible to come across many free tools to install on your chatbot WordPress. These plugins thus facilitate the simultaneous support of multiple users. This helps reduce costs to invest in recruiting online agents. Additionally, they make the chatbot permanently accessible for automated assistance. There are several free chatbot plugins, each with its particularity.


It is arguably the most used chatbot on WordPress. It is easy to use and allows the integration of files, whether images or videos. Its integration does not require any special skills, and it supports up to 100 users simultaneously.


This plugin is a solution that has quite complete functionality. It comes with the automatic answer function with the creation of a knowledge base. You can conduct polls or surveys with this plugin. Data management via forms is available with the possibility of extracting them in Excel solution. Finally, the GoBot plugin has features that facilitate the analysis of user behavior, to facilitate marketing operations.


This tool is simple to use and is equipped with artificial intelligence. It is practical to create a chatbot because it is easy to overlay on every page for the display of the chatbot, which can be placed over some posts. Its configuration is just as intuitive with options such as the choice of colors or the font.

The best-paid plugins to install on a chatbot WordPress

The best-paid plugins for Chatbot WordPress differ from free plugins in several aspects, namely:

  • They have wider and more complete functionalities;
  • They promote personalized use of the main functions;
  • They support a bigger size of clients.

In the list of the best WordPress chatbot plugins, some are used more frequently than others.

Virtual minds

This paid plug-in is reserved for demanding customers. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of its many features for a budget comprised between $9 and $239. It facilitates customer relationship management as well as personalized use of its many features. It also promotes monitoring of the business performance of a company.

Chatbot with IBM Watson

This tool requires the creation of an IBM account. Chatbot with IBM Watson is a plugin that makes responses to users smarter and more automated. The Artificial Intelligence technology it is equipped with makes it very useful for bigger companies. It costs $120 per month for the premium option.


It is suitable for commercial brands since it improves sales on their websites. One of its main strengths is that it allows the tailoring of the chatbot to the company’s needs. The personalization functions make it easier to monitor user behavior or change the language of the response to your liking. The price of this chatbot plugin for WordPress is $33 per month.

Using a WordPress Chatbot to take advantage of conversational marketing

The solutions proposed in the digital domain to improve customer relations are quite numerous. In particular, Chatbot is the most widespread tool recommended by marketers. Before creating a Chatbot plugin for WordPress, find here the essentials to know about this modern conversational approach. 

What is a Chatbot? 

The Chatbot is currently a revolutionary tool for brands wishing to enhance their customer relations. By definition, this conversational robot is a computer program specially designed to simulate an exchange with Internet users. Its main advantage is its ability to interact with customers on interfaces like Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or directly on the website. In addition to messaging, it is also possible to conceive it as a voice assistance program like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc. 

To be efficient, the Chatbot is programmed according to previously set up dialogue scenarios. This is normally done via artificial intelligence, language recognition and especially through machine learning.  The conversational robot combined with the evolutions of artificial intelligence can indeed recognize the meaning of a sentence. It also becomes easier to formulate an answer by referring to this dialogue and without leaving this context. 

What are the advantages of using a Chatbot to enhance your customer relationship? 

Brands are usually reluctant to invest in a chatbot since this computerized program is a bit expensive. Moreover, the investment is not only limited to money, but also to the time allocated to its parameterization. If you are confused about the usefulness of chabots, here are its main advantages: 

  • To accurately represent your brand: Although indispensable, it is currently difficult to have a team dedicated to interacting with your customers. Using a Chatbot will allow you to improve your brand image by choosing a model as your company’s mascot. Also, the features of the intelligent robot can be refined over time as the tone of voice, personality or image; 
  • To drive customer engagement: unlike human-guided virtual assistants, intelligent robots are more responsive. This instantaneous contact stimulates customer engagement. The customer will find his or her experience improved and will easily convert to a purchase. 
  • To automate repetitive tasks: making appointments, reminders or sending emails can be programmed directly via your Chatbot. The same is true for collecting all kinds of information, sending or cancelling orders or receiving emails. This allows you to save the cost of your customer service. 
  • To get personalized information about the customers: the Chatbot registers the usual behaviors and paths of the customers. Moreover, it is possible to program the intelligent robot according to the analyses and studies to be carried out on the customer.  

How to add a Chatbot for WordPress? 

To establish a permanent contact with your customers, it is recommended to integrate a Chatbot to your WordPress site. It is easy to set up this conversational robot by downloading a template from the Chatbot Pluggings for WordPress. By following these steps, you can configure the chatbot by yourself: 

  • Step 1: Go to the WordPress admin panel; 
  • Step 2: Click on the “Extension” tab; 
  • Step 3: Press the “Add” tab; 
  • Step 4: Type the name of the Chatbot plugging; 
  • Step 5: Continue directly with “Install”. 

Please note that each Chatbot plugin has specific options. However, it is possible to customize them according to your choices and the particularities of your brand. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts for advice to improve the settings according to your needs.